Alocasia Zebrina 120mm


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The zebrina Alocasia is one of the most fascinating indoor plants from Southeast Asia. Its particularity, which also gives rise to the name, lies in the fact of having elegant streaks on the stems, yellow and black. The leaves of the Zebrina Alocasia, like those of the other Alocasia, are similar to the ears of an elephant and this is why it is sometimes nicknamed Elephants Ears.

Pot: 120mm

Plant Height: Approx 30cm

Care: The zebrina Alocasia is a plant that requires a lot of light (at least 5 hours a day): if too little is received, the leaves tend to sag.
The production of a waxy substance from the leaves is typical of this houseplant. The soil must always remain slightly damp and it is recommended to spray it frequently. In winter, the waterings of Alocasia must be reduced a lot, but the humidity on the leaves must remain constant as it is native to warm-humid climates. Fertililise in warmer months.

Name: Zebrina Alocasia
Family: Araceae
Country of origin: Southeast Asia