IVY MUSE Unity Wall Planter - Powder White


Ivy Muse

Designed and made in Melbourne from powder-coated steel.

The Unity Wall Planter is available in three colours; Powder Black, Powder White and Limited Edition Claret.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor.

Height | 530mm
Diameter | 530mm
Material | Zinc primed powder-coated mild steel circular frame + zinc primed powder-coated vessel
Drainage hole | no
Other | vessel detaches for easy watering and care

Assembly Instructions
Please take care when handling all pieces, as small bumps on the surface of the frame can be sharp and cause injury.

You will receive:
1 x circular piece
1 x planter bowl
2 x screws

You will need:
1 x drill
1 x screw driver
1 x stud finder (for plaster walls)
1 x level

Suitable for installing on concrete/brick* or plaster walls.
For plaster walls, use stud finder to locate studs important to ensure stability.

Using the level, mark the position of the screw holes on the wall.

Holding up the circular piece, attach to the wall with screws provided.

Plant out planter bowl, or if hanging at eye level or above, sit the plants in their plastic nursery pots inside the planter bowl and hook the planter bowl over the back bar of the circular piece.

*Please note that concrete and brick will require additional wall fixtures.

Load: We do not recommend loading the planter bowl with more than 5kg of soil and plants.

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