Monstera Deliciosa


Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa, the "must have" for indoor plant lovers!

Monstera deliciosa is one of the most particular philodendrons, which is immediately recognizable by its huge glossy green leaves that stand out on thin stems and create a sort of "umbrella" covering. Monstera deliciosa succeeds in delighting any plant lover thanks to its particular shape and its climbing pattern that almost creates plant "sculptures".

Care: The care for this philodendron is quite simple: being a tropical plant adapts to a life in the home or apartment in a bright place, but the temperature should never fall below 12 degrees. In winter it is even advised to remove this Monstera deliciosa from doors and windows. Does not like direct sun that could create black spots on the leaves. loves humidity: it is therefore recommended to humidify the same leaves with a sprayer and clean them with a cloth in case of dust or dirt. It should be watered frequently, keeping the soil constantly humid but avoiding stagnation of water. It needs sporadic fertilization, only 3 to 4 times a year, with fertilizer for green plants diluted in irrigation water.

Name: Monstera Deliciosa

Other Names: Fruit Salad Plant
Family: Araceae
Country of origin: Guatemala, Mexico

History and curiosity: The name derives from the Latin mostifer, or "that generates monsters", attributed due to the strange shape of the leaves that take on a "monstrous" appearance.