Hardie Grant

Resident Dog - Volume 2


Nicole England

Incredible Dogs and the International Homes They Live In

"It's often said that a dog makes a house a home, but really, the presence of a pet provides so much more than that. An animal gives warmth and context to structures; showcases fluidity of design; creates a sense of scale and purpose and, more often than not, is the first to find the perfect vantage point for the world around them."

As an architecture photographer, Nicole England found that the shoots she enjoyed the most were the ones where dogs were present - nothing lightens the mood like a nonchalant pup.

However imposing the architecture, some doggy hijinks can immediately bring an element of sociability and fun. With this in mind, Nicole set about setting up her Instagram, Resident Dog, and now this book, Resident Dog [Volume Two], which showcases over 25 of the world’s most amazing houses, and the dogs that live there.

Photographing dogs is not always straightforward, because they don’t always cooperate! The result is that these images end up with a looser, more spontaneous style. Just as every home is different, so is every dog. The photographs showcase amazing architecture and capture the personality of the idiosyncratic personality of each canine.

Take a wander around the world’s most stunning homes, from Mexico City to Sydney, London, New York and LA, with the home pooch as your tour guide. Each home will feature several photographs, and an interview with the architect or homeowner.

Format: Hardback
Publisher: Hardie Grant Books (UK)
Country: United Kingdom
Published: 12 November 2020
Pages: 272
Dimensions: 28 x 22cm  Weight: 1650g 
ISBN: 9781784883508 



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