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Swedish Ivy - Plectranthus Verticillatus


Swdish ivy is a hardy cascading indoor or outdoor trailing plant with lovely round softly serrated leaves and small whitish purple flowers. Ideal in hanging pots or as a ground cover. Trailing length to about 60cm

This is a beautiful green cascading plant with lovely round softly serrated leaves and small bluish-purple flowers. 


Wateronce a week and be sure to allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Good drainage is necessary, so do not let the ivy sit in water.


Very Easy. Propagate Swedish ivy by stem tip cuttings, which can be taken in the summer after the bloom. Once its flowers have faded, pinch back its stem tips and then root them in damp potting soil. The ivy can also propagate through division, though cultivation through cuttings is recommended.


Swdish Ivy is Non-toxic to pets and easy to care for, it makes an ideal house plant.

More Info

Plectranthus verticillatus, Swedish ivy, Swedish begonia or whorled plectranthus is a plant in the family Lamiaceae, genus Plectranthus. Despite its common name, it is not close to the ivy family of the genus Hedera.


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