The Bloomingville range is truly unique in its approach to modern design. Rather than dictating the new season’s themes, or slavishly following the current trends, Bloomingville offer up gifts of new products and styles to delight and inspire. This approach can be perfectly summed up in their philosophy of bringing joy through change.


Find Joy in Each Fresh Range of Bloomingville Vases, Planters, Pendant Lights, and Teapots

Our homes and our lives are constantly changing. Sometimes we seek comfort in stability, and sometimes we embrace change and let it catch us up in its flow.

Whether you are seeking that comfort in familiar and beautiful objects that will grace your home for years to come, or you are searching for a fresh new style, we feel confident that you will find just what you are after in the range from Bloomingville. Vases, teapots, trays – the range may seem eclectic, but the constant is the passion and care that goes into the creation of each beautiful Bloomingville piece.


Time for Tea with Bloomingville in a Quieter Corner of the World

Carefully handcrafted cups, cosy ceramic teapots, and gorgeously glazed trays – there is certainly something about the Bloomingville range that invites you to take a moment, pause, and truly enjoy life’s precious moments.

The Bloomingville focus on circumspection, combined with their respect for traditional Nordic design, brings something special to each new range.


Bring Nature in, with Beautiful Bloomingville Vases and Flowerpots

Perhaps nothing embodies the joy of change more than the range of Bloomingville vases and flowerpots. The change that the Bloomingville range celebrates is not the whiplash change of designer trends, but more the gentle and rhythmic change of nature and the seasons. As you fill your Bloomingville vase with fresh cut flowers, or watch as your indoor plants grow and change with time, you can find the joy and beauty in these everyday alterations.


Celebrating the Partnership of Bloomingville with Rodwell and Astor

Here at Rodwell and Astor, we are proud to work with the visionary designers at Bloomingville to bring you a carefully curated selection from their stunning range. How could we not feel an affinity for designers who take their inspiration from their local design and craft traditions, before spinning it into something fresh and new?

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