Create spaces that revive and renew through the power of simple designs, handcrafted details and natural fibres.
Welcome to BAYA | Crafted for living
Your home is who you are. It’s a reflection of your voice. Where every texture, pattern, and colour speaks volumes. Baya encapsulates style with substance; embracing a less-but-better approach to interiors, with a focus on timeless, purposeful pieces.Whatever you want your home to say, you can say it with Baya.

Crafted for living and crafted for life.

The BAYA name takes inspiration from a small yellow bird known for its incredible nest weaving skills. The name expresses an appreciation for the artisan and handcrafted. It also connects with homemaking and impeccable design. Baya is the flagship brand of Furtex - a company with a rich history dating back to 1939. Now in its fourth generation, the family legacy continues, committed to providing discerning clients with outstanding interior furnishings and customer service to match.

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