Artefact Footed Bowl - Blue
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Pop in to Rodwell and Astor, and find that perfect piece to complete your collection and express your own eclectic style.


Light Up Your Life - Shop Home Interiors Online

Here at Rodwell and Astor there’s a special place in our hearts for beautiful lighting. Floor lamps, pendant lights, table and desk lamps - what other piece of furniture can serve as a stunning statement piece, while also shining the spotlight on the rest of your furniture?

When you’re shopping for home interiors online, consider your lighting choices carefully, as they will influence the colours that you see and the mood that is set in the rest of the room.


Beautiful Designer Homewares for Sale     

Are you searching for something utterly unique – be it a gift, or the perfect addition to your home? We think we might have just the thing.   

One thing you can always count on when browsing the homewares for sale at Rodwell and Astor is that you will find beautiful designer pieces that are perfect for your home. By working closely with both local and international artists and makers, we are able to bring you exclusive designer collections.


Complete Home Interiors Online, Including Cushions and Throws

Taking our cue from Scandinavian style, and infusing our own eclectic tastes, we have collected a scattering of cushions and throws that will bring layers of warmth and comfort to any interior.

The purpose of creating a beautiful interior is to enjoy living within your four walls. And perhaps nothing expresses this better than cushions and throws, with their inviting elegance and relaxed charm.


Objets d'art, Curios, Vases, and Other Homewares for Sale         

There’s no reason that the objects in your home shouldn’t be both functional and beautiful, and yet some objects carry within them an intrinsic value beyond their function. These sculptural vases, statement plant pots, and hand crafted ceramics, are all ready to become timeless additions to your home collection.

Shop our homewares for sale instore or online, and find your own statement style.


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