Enchanting Incense and Reed Diffusers for Sale

Here at Rodwell and Astor you will find an evocative range of incense and reed diffusers for sale that blend ancient practice with modern design. Create your own daily ritual and invite a little bit of magic into your home with the invigorating blend of premium perfumes and aromatic resins found in these sensory sticks.

We also have a range of minimalist reed diffuser jars, incense holders, and burners to fit seamlessly with your décor. 


Illuminating and Uplifting Scented Candles for Sale          

Candles have traditionally been used to illuminate, and to mark time. They’re a guiding light in the darkness. A light that leads to home.

Adding fragrance to candles stirs the senses and evokes memories. By adding a scented candle to a room, you instantly create a strong sense of place.

Within our range, you will find scented candles for sale that display unique and complex fragrances, and these are paired with the stunning stone, carved timber, or glassware holders that make the candle an objet d'art that you’ll want to keep forever.


Hand Blended and Lovingly Designed Reed Diffusers for Sale

Creating a sense of home is something that takes time, and so we take the time to build relationships with inspiring local and international designers, innovators, and makers.

The reed diffusers for sale at Rodwell and Astor come from artisans who truly take pride in their craft. The complex and unique aromas will release gradually over time, infusing your home with gentle fragrance.


Invigorating Oil Burners and Serene Scented Candles for Sale

Just as you might adjust the lighting to create a different mood, you can alter your space with scent at any moment with an oil burner or candle.

Fostering a relaxing, invigorating, or restorative space, essential oils and natural fragrances can have a powerful effect on our minds and moods.

Create a relaxing atmosphere and your own little world of calm, or begin the day with an uplifting fragrance that’s as stimulating as a cup of coffee.

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