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A modern eclectic space effortlessly blend the contemporary with unique one of, quirky or vintage pieces that can express your personality and add soul to a space. style is that it allows everyone to style their interior in their own unique way. The key to this style is finding the balance and a common thread to bring it together.

If you would like advice while you browse the range of modern eclectic throws and cushions for sale at Rodwell and Astor, then we would love to help. From there, it’s up to you, as you blend beautifully crafted cushions, throws, and furniture, with the precious objects that hold real meaning for you.

Choose from Throws and Cushions for Sale in Beautiful Natural Materials

Wool, linen, leather, silk. You will find the raw beauty of natural materials crafted into exquisite fabrics for the range of throws and cushions for sale at Rodwell and Astor. Our style in store has a subtle mid-century modern aesthetic, embracing Nordic simplicity, organic materials and colours drawn from nature to bring warmth to any room.  

Alongside cosy wool throws and breezy linen cushions, you will also find an eclectic range of timber furniture, and indoor garden essentials, to complete the earthy and organic vibe. 


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Here at Rodwell and Astor you will find the best of international style from a small local business. We stock Australian, New Zealand, and European brands. Some well-known, some from small boutique operations. Many of the throws and cushions for sale in store have been lovingly handwoven. All have been chosen for the collection to add something special to your home.

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