Middle of Nowhere

Form Vase - Large Haze


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Middle of Nowhere

An on-trend statement vase with timeless style, Form is the ultimate versatile piece.

The Form Vase features an elegant curved shape, with a glossy outer glaze with natural flecks throughout. Form is the perfect ceramic to showcase your favourite blooms but is just as stunning on its own!

As can be expected of any handcrafted product, there can be subtle variations within the shape of these vases. Additionally, the glazing and firing process can lead to variations in texture and colour within this range.

Haze is a unique glaze that can range in colour from a warm white to deep beige with brown speckles. It is these differences that should be celebrated as they make each piece truly unique.

Dimensions: 22 x 25 x 8cm 
Product weight: 1.85 kg 

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