AUX Toriwake Tong - Black


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Works like extensions of your fingers. Fits in the palm and is perfect for serving and garnishing. Its uniquely processed soft spring makes it easy to handle delicate food.

  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Easily manoeuvrable for serving or food decorating
  • Useful for scooping canned and bottled foods
  • The super soft spring makes it easy to pinch
  • Rests upside down to avoid messy contact with surfaces

Weight: 78 g

Total length 14.7 x height 4.5 cm

Material: 18-0 stainless steel. Black fluororesin-coated film.

Product Code: XAUT1402

Brand: AUX

Made in Tsubame Sanjo - A combination of the names of Tsubame City and Sanjo City, which have been famous for metal products since the Edo period.


Shipping & Stock Info

We try to ship all orders within 3 working days however some products can take a little longer. Please allow up 7-10 working days for dispatch from our Melbourne Showroom. Please Contact Us for current availability. 

Cleaning & Precautions

  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Do not use with open flame
  • Do not wash with a cleansing agent or steel scrubbing brush

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