MicroSeal Rug Protection


Rug Treatment | Long-lasting | Stain & UVA+UVB Protection

We recommend protecting the beauty, colour and life of your floor rugs from stains, mould, wear & sun-fade. We partner with Premium Surface Protection, a company that use a range of products designed to protect fabrics, leathers, rugs and carpet from stains and damaging UVA and UVB rays. This service can be added onto any BAYA rug.

Features & Benefits

PERMANENT STAIN PROTECTION - Interior furnishings are protected from pills, stains, fading, static, wear and abrasion. No maintenance is required, and there is no need to re-apply after professional cleanings. 

ANTISTATIC - Provides enhanced comfort.

EXTENDS FABRIC LIFE - Strengthens fibres and creates wear integrity.

RETARDS FLAMES & FUMES - Helping keep your home safe.

ELIMINATES MOULD & MILDEW - Helping ensure your home environment remains a safe and healthy space to breathe. 

Need more info? Read our MicroSeal FAQ

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