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Scented Volcanic Rock Set - Native Botanical

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Vital and fresh, Studio Milligram's Native Botanical scent brings to mind the delicate details of a breeze blowing through eucalypt branches.

  • D8.5cm x H10cm
  • 300g volume

Softly scent your space with volcanic potpourri. Locally sourced volcanic scoria is bathed in unique Australian made fragrances and packaged creating a stunning natural scent diffuser for your home. Enhance the fragrance by adding 3-5 drops directly to rocks as desired.

Set contains: - Smoke coloured glass holder - Scented volcanic scoria - 10ml Native Botanical Fragrance.

Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.


Scented Volcanic Rocks
Holder is approximately 8.5 x 10 cm
300g volume
Includes volcanic scoria with glass holder and one 10ml scented fragrance dropper bottle
Designed & Made in Melbourne, Australia. 

Glass made in China

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